What is FandomLive?
At Fandom.Live we give fans the opportunity to voice their demand for their favorite artists/sports team/entertainer(s). There are fans from all over the world that want the chance to see a certain event, match or entertainer, so at Fandom.Live we provide that opportunity to fans.
What is the purpose of Fandom Live voting events?
No, we aren't. We are the bridge between fans and entertainers. Through Fandom.Live, the promoter can understand more about the fans' demand.
When the voting ends, will the event happen exactly the same with what is described or the outcome of the voting?
At the end of the day, Fandom Live cannot guarantee the outcome of the voting event will happen in reality. The process remains the same, organizers/entertainers are the deciding factor in this. If they choose to go in a different direction, that’s their call. Whether or not the event happens, they now know where there fans exist. This information could lead to some event in the future. Without this information, they would never know and it would unlikely ever be considered. So be patient, your chances are stronger once you’ve caste your vote. the final decision still belongs to the organizers, players, and idols involved in the events.
How can I subscribe for Fandom.Live? And what is the benefit of subscribing Fandom.Live? Is it free?
Fandom.Live is just getting started. We’ll be launching our Beta platform next month and that will include a lot of beneficial features for fans. New events, Latest news, gifts/merchandise and Fandom Power Opportunities. So it’s best that fans subscribe now so they can get the latest updates. Click the "Join Us" button at the top right corner of the website, Fandom.Live. Subscribing is free.
When will my events which I voting for happen?
As right now, we cannot tell you the exact date of these events. We will provide updates as we get them from the organizer or entertainer. You can follow us on FB, Twitter or Instagram to get the latest updates. Or better yet subscribe to our Fandom Daily Newsletter.
Can you provide us the ticket for ..... event?
Sorry, we don’t provide tickets at this time. You can find many ticket retailers for these events on the internet. In the near future, with the release of our beta platform, we will be adding many new features. Tickets and merchandise packages will be one of them so be sure to follow us to stay up to date with our future releases.
I heard some people say that these events won't happen or this team doesn't plan to come to my country as you (Fandom.Live) describe in your campaign.
A majority of these events have not been announced but it does not mean it isn’t being considered. The setup of an event is a long process and the consideration of an event is even a longer process. If the events don’t happen right away, it doesn’t mean it will never happen. The most important thing you have to understand is that there’s consideration for the event and if you’re fan but don’t vote, then the possibility of this event happening goes down. As they say “if you build it, they will come.” It’s the other way around, if they know you will come, they will build it.
How does Fandom.Live work?
Fandom.Live connect fans with their favorite entertainers.
Fans gather on Fandom.Live to voice out who/what/where they want to see their favorite entertainers/matches. Fandom.Live uses this data to estimate the demand for that entertainer/match. This data is passed along to the parties considering to setup this event.
How do i get my favorite team/artist/entertainer to my city?
If there’s a crowdvoting event then it means there’s someone considering to setup this event. If this is an event you’re interested in then follow the steps in the image at the top of the page.
I can't find the team/country/entertainer on the list! What can i do?
If you can’t find the selection you’re looking for, then please send a ticket by filling our contact form or through our live chat on our site.
We’ll review and consider to add it to the list. Please keep in mind that that if the voting is for a country/city within a certain area & your city our country is outside of that area, it cannot be added. Nevertheless, we can consider it for a future campaign.
How can i purchase tickets?
We currently do not sell tickets. In the near future, with the launch of our platform, there will be a number of new features & tools that fans can use. Tickets, merchandise, exclusive packages and rewards will be added.
The organizer can be the agency/agent, promoter or actual organizer that represent the entertainer/artist/team. They are collaborating with the entertainer/artist/team to create an event.
Voting Event
Voting is a powerful took that we give fans. With each fans vote, is a sign to your favorite entertainer/artist/team that you want to see them. It states that there is a fan in this part of the world that wishes to see them.
Events are time sensitive and seasonal. Information is considered and decisions are made quickly. Each event on Fandom Live is given a countdown with good reason. So when you see an event your interested in, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.
Each person has 1 vote. So be sure to cast your vote and invite other fans to vote as well.
The ‘Entertainer’ can be the sports team, esports team, artist, band or actual entertainer. You vote and go to the events to see them!
In order for an organizer to make decisions on where to setup events, they require information. For example, if there is a big following for Beyonce in Thailand, how would the organizer know? Without that information, the organizer would not consider Thailand as a destination to place on her next tour.

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